I break things. Often... That's why I can't have nice watches. Sunglasses...
You get the idea. Its also the reason I used to replace laptops quarterly.
Then in walked CCS.

 CCS responded rapidly to every startup-freeze, software update, and spyware 
removal request I made. Oftentimes they didn't even need to see the 
laptop--they were able to access my system remotely and solve the problem while 
I finished my coffee.

All for a lower price than the chain stores. What more can I say? Its a shame 
they don't repair watches...

Scott Mohr

I had an old Dell pc that was out of service for years that had thousands 
of pictures and videos of my family(and loads of music) stored in it. Much to 
my amazement, Comrald Computing had no problems recovering everything that was 
on my old hard drive!! Down to my favorite websites!! Very much appreciative of
 the work and future advise I was given!!

Tony Palminteri

My computer crashed and I contacted the owner of this service and he 
responded very quickly. I was very unprepared to lose 5,000+ pictures of 
my daughter and son that were stored on my computer. Unfortunately, none of 
them could be recovered because my computer was very old and died at the last 
possible second. But, I am grateful for the quality of service I was provided 
as well as the promptness. I will definitely use this service again!!!!!

Tera Clutter

Everyone thinks they know their way around a computer... until it 
breaks on them. That's where Comrald Computing Services comes in. Quick 
and friendly. And, most importantly, great service at an even better price. 
They've fixed both a Mac and PC for me and taught me how to take care of my 
computers so I won't have repeat problems. I don't trust computers, but I 
trust Comrald. They are THE BEST computer people in the tri-state area!

John Paul Nickel

Thank you so much for your invaluable help over the years. My business 
depends upon effective wisdom being communicated by e-mail, etc. Without 
your professional assistance for my Mac and PC, I would not be the successful 
attorney and mediator that I have been. Thanks again for your punctual, friendly, 
cost-effective wisdom. I highly endorse your services.

Jeffrey L. Pollock
Law & Mediation Office of Jeffrey Pollock, Esq.

I love my computer. I love my computer games. However, I hate 
computer stores. Last year my 10 year old computer was giving me the death 
rattle. Almost in tears, I turned to Comrald Computing Services. The reason 
I hate stores is because they tell you what you "NEED TO BUY" right 
now...what's hot this season. Not here though. Joel took the time to listen 
to me ramble about my dreams and wishes for a new computer, and then he took 
those ideas and built me a beast. He made sure to get me the speed and the 
memory I needed for my games...to be honest, I had no idea that my Sims had 
reflections...and I am more than confident that this system will be able to 
go quite some time without any upgrades. And when I do need those upgrades? 
Well, I'll be coming right back here. 

Elizabeth Haushalter


Dear Comrald,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your services in helping
 me find the perfect online payment solution for my business as well as 
your assistance in optimizing my blog site!  It has worked out wonderfully 
and I have received countless
compliments on both!

I appreciate always having you there to answer my technical questions!

Thanks again!

Isabella Rae Photography

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